Case study: An ombudsman service

Selecting a high calibre senior management team

An ombudsman service


Beamans consultants have worked with one of the leading national ombudsman services over the last couple of years to support the selection programme for the new senior management structure and roles to deliver the key changes the organisation requires.

Insight & Approach

The ombudsman service had decided to design and implement an entirely new senior management structure to deliver the improved service and performance that the new Ombudsman had been appointed to deliver. This meant that new and focused behavioural profiles need to be developed that identified what differentiated superior performance in these roles.

Profiles were developed for the three top managerial levels – Executive Directors; Directors and Heads of Function and an assessment protocol was developed against which candidates could be accurately assessed. The consultants then carried out a series of Behavioural Event Interviews (BEI) and prepared job person match assessment reports for all the candidates for each of the roles


Full and detailed feedback was provided to the selection panel in order to help them make their decisions about the candidate with the best fit for the role and the organisation. A summary feedback document was also provided to each appointee and all unsuccessful candidates together with one to one feedback where requested.

As a result the organisation was able to appoint high calibre senior management staff to vital positions clearly confident about their fit to the role and those selected were also equipped with solid feedback to help their future performance and development.

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