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Equal Pay Reviews & Case SupportReward & performance management

Equal Pay Reviews are the key to undertaking a risk-assessment and to achieving equal pay.

At Beamans, we can help you carry out a comprehensive equal pay review of all elements of pay. Whether for sex bias or from a broader diversity perspective – to include ethnicity, disability, age, seniority, full/part-time status, in line with recommended EHRC review processes. Alternatively we can undertake more focused reviews of issues of particular concern to you.

If you are involved in an equal pay case we can also provide equal pay case support. We can conduct preliminary assessments to gauge the merits of claims and to enable you to decide appropriate strategies. Our consultants have acted as ‘experts’ in many cases and have a record of success in that role.

Given the sensitive nature of equal pay reviews, many of our clients prefer to remain confidential.

Clients who have sought our help include:

  • Government departments
  • Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs)
  • Agencies
  • Higher Education Institutions

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Michael Bourke is Beamans' Managing Director and lead expert on Job Evaluation and Reward & Performance Management.

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