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Beamans have been in the business for 28 years and counting, delivering first rate consulting and training with an emphasis on reward, performance management and organisational reviews to deliver improved efficiency.

Originally founded in 1995 by three former senior civil servants working in HM Treasury who saw a better way to manage and implement large scale change. We have since built up an experienced team of highly skilled specialists and associates with particular insight and expertise in reward, talent assessment, job evaluation and performance management across both the public and private sectors.

Our clients are attracted by our many years of expertise and knowledge coupled with our hands-on public sector experience. We have an inherent understanding of the complex challenges and obstacles facing public sector managers, because we’ve experienced them first hand.

Beamans are proud to have been appointed as the exclusive provider of JEGS training and remain the sole licensed provider of JEGS job evaluation services. Our appointment as training provider was first made by the Cabinet office in 1997 and subsequently secured until 2025, cementing our reputation as the UK’s experts in JEGS job evaluation and training.

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Our team

  • Michael Bourke

    Michael Bourke

    Managing Director

    Michael is a leading expert in job evaluation and training, a specialism honed over 25 years as a consultant working across the whole spectrum of reward management. From job evaluation, salary surveys and market pricing, to the development of bespoke pay and grading frameworks and reward strategies in the UK and overseas. This extensive experience in the use and application of job evaluation means Michael is able to take a broader perspective and help clients ensure their approach will support business objectives. As well as developing the culture, structure and people capabilities they wish to build.

    Michael’s evaluation expertise has seen him appointed to act as an expert witness in a number of equal pay cases. Michael also conducts preliminary assessments on legal cases to gauge the merits of claims, enabling clients to decide on appropriate strategies. Michael is an experienced trainer of people at all levels, on different aspects of job evaluation. He is responsible for leading and managing the Beamans training team delivering various reward management training events including JEGS practitioner training.

    Prior to founding Beamans in 1995, Michael worked in a variety of organisations in the public sector on reward, job evaluation and organisational development issues. Michael is a Member of the Institute of Consulting.

  • David Killip

    David Killip

    Principal Consultant

    David joined Beamans in 2016. Since joining Beamans, David’s consulting work has covered a wide range of themes including: organisation – design and review; job design; reviews of working practices and processes to promote quality; and reviews of grading and pay leading to the development of new policies and practices.

    As one of our principal consultants, David has assisted a broad cross section of clients in both the public and private sector, ranging from those with a local presence to national organisations with substantial staff numbers. More recently, David has been primarily concerned with the delivery of large-scale job evaluation project within the UK Public Sector.

    Prior to joining Beamans, David was a career public servant culminating in the role of Chief Executive, Department of Health, Isle of Man Government. In this role David was responsible for the later stages of the development, and the commissioning, of a new hospital, which opened in 2003, designed to meet the future needs of the Island’s growing population, with access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. As Chief Executive, David was also responsible for the modernisation of pay, terms and conditions for the Island’s health and social care workforce.

    As a former Chief Executive, David understands the challenge of leading the delivery of services, as well as the challenge of developing, managing and implementing changes to those services and is widely recognised for his skills in coaching and mentoring senior leaders.

  • Trudy Stedman

    Trudy Stedman

    Principal Consultant & Business Manager

    Trudy recently became part of the Beamans team in 2022. Since joining the organisation, she has been involved in managing and supporting a number of projects, as well as arranging and delivering JEGS training. As an experienced HR Professional and Project Manager, she demonstrates a strong HR and equalities background with expertise across all areas of HR, most recently in pay & reward, organisation design and change management.

Trudy enjoys the challenge of working with and developing individuals, teams, and organisations to perform at the highest level. She is well versed in overcoming cultural, bureaucratic, and financial obstacles. Alongside creating innovative solutions when initiating, leading, and supporting organisational change. Crucially she is able to work at a strategic level without losing sight of the operational detail.

Her experience spans a variety of organisations, including the civil service, manufacturing, aerospace design, financial services and latterly, higher education. She is skilled in organisation design and development, reviews of staffing, pay and grading structures, job evaluation and designing new frameworks & processes.

    Most recently Trudy worked as a consultant for a consortium of universities, providing people management products and consultancy to 125 higher and further education institutions. 
Trudy has first hand experience in local government, being appointed Deputy Mayor of Hay-on-Wye in 2016, before being successfully elected as Mayor in 2017, serving for 4 years.

  • Ian Bull

    Ian Bull

    Principal Consultant

    Ian joined Beamans in 2013 following a long and distinguished career in the civil service. Ian was part of the original HM Treasury team who developed the JEGS Job Evaluation Scheme in the early nineties in collaboration with Towers Perrin (now Willis towers Watson) – the first analytical, software supported, job evaluation scheme to be developed for use in the UK public sector.

    Whilst with the MOD, Ian developed a new, bespoke version of JEGS with additional factors to evaluate industrial roles as part of a wider MOD pay harmonisation project.

    Ian’s expertise in job evaluation in general and JEGS in particular, is acknowledged both in terms of scheme development but also in terms of developing job evaluation policy and leading and managing major restructuring projects where issues relating to job evaluation are to the fore.

    Ian currently leads the Beamans job evaluation training team. As well as delivering training, Ian also coaches and mentors the team and supports the development of more bespoke training applications. Ian also works extensively on the evaluation and grading of roles across a number of different organisations including the evaluation of specialist roles, and has developed a number of job evaluation tools including classification frameworks to support the analytical matching of roles across a number of organisations.

  • Richard Whalley

    Richard Whalley

    Principal Consultant

    Richard Whalley is a Principal Consultant who joined Beamans in 2017. Richard is an accomplished HR and OD professional with a track record of successful delivery of cultural transformation and change management projects in complex, changing environments.

    As a member of the Senior Leadership Board, Richard played a significant role in the transformation programme that changed Highways Agency from a government agency into a (£3bn turnover) limited company in 2015. As Programme Director for the Workforce Strategy, Richard introduced and embedded new reward structures, with particular emphasis on addressing historic equal pay and specialist pay issues; provided a new framework for leadership and management training and development; flattening organisational structures; and reducing the number of line managers from almost 1000 to around 300.

    Richard is skilled in maximising performance at organisational, team and individual level. Working in a pragmatic and collaborative manner, utilising established and proven methodologies, Richard continuously seeks opportunities to create innovative solutions and inspire management excellence. Richard is also an accredited programme and project manager, a Chartered Member of the Association of Project Management and a Gateway Review Team Leader and Reviewer. His early career was as a Senior Employee Relations Officer at the conciliation service ACAS, where collaborative working was the key to successful outcomes.

    Since joining Beamans, Richard has played an active part in delivering consulting assignments both as a managing consultant for particular projects, and as a consultant working in support of consulting projects led by other members of the team. Richard’s consulting work has covered a wide range of themes, including: organisation – design and review; job design; reviews of working practices and processes to promote quality; and reviews of grading and pay leading to new policies and practices.

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