Reward & performance management

Job Families, Career Families & Other Grading Frameworks

Reward & performance management

Choosing the right type of grading structure is fundamental. Not only in managing internal job weight and pay relativities, but in ensuring you have the right people. In the right roles. At the right time.

In recent times, job family approaches that offer a more holistic and consistent approach to managing performance, development and reward have come to the fore. However, whilst these approaches can provide a more integrated approach to reward and development, too much segmentation can create tension between groups if not carefully managed.

We have worked with a number of different clients across the public and private sector to develop job family models to allow for different groups to be managed differently for reward, career and performance management purposes.

We work with clients on a range of challenges:

  • Identify families of work
  • Determine the number of levels within each individual family
  • Clarify what differentiates one level from the next
  • Develop clear descriptions of the nature of work at each level and how work changes between levels
  • Establish clear boundaries across job families
  • Descriptions of competencies and skills associated with each job family and level

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Richard Whalley

Richard Whalley is a Principal Consultant at Beamans.

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